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The Goldilocks Grill Master Meat Thermometer

The Goldilocks Grill Master Meat Thermometer

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Grilling, Baking or Broiling YOU Get a Perfect Result, EVERY TIME!

Goldilocks cooking is made SIMPLE with this easy-to-use Wireless Meat Thermometer With Bluetooth

The Goldilocks Grill Master Meat Thermometer uses a smart app. to combine the insatiable PASSION for mouth watering, perfectly cooked food and doing it with EASE in one awesomely designed kitchen meat thermometer for the home cook or pit-master to make overcooked meals a thing of the past!

YOUR PERFECT TEAM - SMART PROBE & TEMP. APP:  Preset the target temperature based on the kind of meat or customize the temp target to elevate your cooking like a pro. The probe thermometer will send alerts when the food is ready, ensuring every piece of meat comes out precisely and perfectly every time!

    EXPLORE CULINARY ARTS: May be used in an oven, stove, smoker, grill, air fryer, rotisserie, and more. Takes cooking ability to a whole new level!

    SPECTACULAR WIRELESS RANGE: No wires, no hassles! Connected via the advanced wireless Bluetooth 5.2, the built-in repeater extends the wireless range to free you from constantly hovering over your food. Updates of the real-time temperature of the meat are on your phone or tablet while you entertain your guests, watch the game, or just relax out of the heat.

    RESTAURANT TECH & QUALITY:  Takes the guessing work out of grilling! The food thermometer adopts an advanced sensor offering quick, accurate, and real-time readout technology, now monitoring internal meat temperature with a temperature accuracy of +/-1.8° F for you to know EXACTLY when dinner will be ready and KNOW it will be served with exquisite flavor.

    WATERPROOF & RECHARGEABLE: The Goldilocks Grill Master Meat Thermometer can run for 4-6 hours on a quick full charge of 5 minutes. Made with premium 304 stainless steel and heat-resistance plastic, the Goldilocks Grill Master Meat Thermometer features rustproof and IPX7-rated waterproof material that is easy to clean.



    • Food-grade 304 stainless steel, non-toxic and safe for all foods
    • Water resistant - IPX7 waterproof rating
    • Easy to clean (Not dishwasher safe.)
    • Wireless Bluetooth using 5.2 connection technology to the block

    NOTE: Do not use in a microwave or pressure cooker.


    • Bamboo Wood
    • USB Charger Port

    NOTE: DO NOT rinse the bamboo charger with water. Only the probe itself is waterproof!   (Not dishwasher safe.)


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